First, make sure you have Ledger's Python tools installed and you have activated the respective virtualenv, if necessary.

Second, download the hex file for the app then run the installation command listed under the respective app version.


The app can be removed from your device with the following command. Note that removing the app will erase all of the 2FA keys you entered.

python -m ledgerblue.deleteApp --targetId 0x31100002 --appName "OTP 2FA"


App Version: v1.0.0

Platform: Ledger Nano S (firmware v1.3.1)

SDK: v1.3.1.3

See: v1.0.0 Source Code, v1.0.0 Changelog

Hex File: bolos-app-otp2fa-v1.0.0-sdk-0x31100002-1313.hex

Installation command:

python -m ledgerblue.loadApp --targetId 0x31100002 --fileName bolos-app-otp2fa-v1.0.0-sdk-0x31100002-1313.hex --appName "OTP 2FA" --appFlags 0x00 --icon "0100000000ffffff00ffffffff3ffc1ff8cff3cff3cff307e007e087e187e007e007e0ffffffffffff"

SHA-256 Checksums: bolos-app-otp2fa-sha256sums.txt

SHA-512 Checksums: bolos-app-otp2fa-sha512sums.txt


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